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    Welcome to American TLC Drafting Services - We Design and Detail all varieties of Stairs and Railings.


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  • American TLC is a premier Drafting Service highly-skilled and prepared to meet all the design needs of Steel Contractors across the United States in the Stair Industry.  While our expertise is primarily Stairs and Rails, our capabilities do not stop there.  We also welcome opportunities to design for clients in Miscellaneous Steels as well, such as:  Canopies, Framing, Gates, Ladders, and Platforms.


  • Our drafting team is A Step above the Rest with shop experience in the design layout and building processes.  With strictest of attention paid to details up-front, American TLC prevents those critical errors often made by other drafting firms whom are devoid of experience in the area, thereby eliminating expensive and agonizing field fixes. 


  • American TLC promises its clients accurate, timely and professional drawings ready for your shop’s fabrication  and if the need should be, we are happy to direct potential customers to a steel fabricator. All inquiries and quotes are FREE, so contact American TLC today!


  • American TLC is a newly-formed company, yet has nearly 26 years combined-work experience.  Whether Erectors in the field or Builders in fabrication shop, we supply meticulous details of steel stairways and handrails utilized in newly erected or rehabilitated buildings.  At American TLC, our team uses various computer-aided programs that provides all our Customers with accurately-drawn details and layouts. 


  • As the Internet is the mainstream of today’s business our Customers simply upload their Architectural Blueprints to our FTP site.  The rest is left to American TLC to complete by meeting all deadlines, if not ahead-of-schedule, while adhering to the requirements of Local, State and International Building Codes.  Throughout every individual job or project, American TLC pledges a 5-Star Customer Service. 


  • According to the latest and accessible North American Industry Code Statistics* (NAICS), American TLC is the only service of its type in the Copley, Ohio area.  American TLC is a unique detailing service, in that; it appears to be the only company in America who is striving to specialize in this field.  Our slogan, “A Step above the Rest” embodies the talents of our highly-skilled detailers.  Our team has a proprietary knowledge —meaning, they were once ordinary shop laborers.  With fabrication and welding backgrounds, they have an exact eye for detail and precise sense for what will, or will not, work in all design phases. 

    *2004 Census Statistics 44321 ZIP, NAICS #54134